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10 Stunning Commuter Helmets for the Style-Minded Gal

By Frantiska Blazkova

Lycra-clad pros, semi-pros, and MAMILs are perfectly happy flaunting their skin-tight and bright-coloured sporting apparel and cycling gear. We completely understand the need for aerodynamic shape and performance-enhancing properties, but what if you want to stay safe AND be stylish?

With the growing numbers of bike commuters, there’s no need to be ashamed of wanting to stay up to trends like a true feminine urbanite while not compromising the need for protection against head injury. And while guys can enjoy casual elegant travelling style too, it’s more of a ladies’ thing. It might seem that the market is quite lacking in well-fitting, attractive, and, most importantly functional cycling accessories, so here are ten of the best looking commuter helmets for women, created for the sake your fashion sense.

No brain, no game

Herbie the Love Bug cycling helmet with a number 53 on the side
Herbie the Love Buy by Melon

Melon makes a line of funky, stylish helmets mainly focused toward urban cyclists who are sick and tired of plain old outer shells and want to add a touch of fun to their daily commute. The Urban Active helmet lets you ride as an “Eight-ball”, show your affection for “Herbie the Love Bug”, or even to be a “Real Melon” head yourself, watermelon that is. They also offer an extensive palette of other amusing motifs, colourful mosaic designs and more classic posh solid colours.

Three sizes cover any head circumference, and a set of washable foam inner pads give you a precise fit. If you sport a pony tail, it should slip between the harness and the hard protection so it won’t leave your flowing mane looking like a sweaty haystack when removing it after riding to work. The Melon Urban Active helmet fits comfortably and features all necessary safety features and certifications. Do you ride winter and fall? Add a “Winter Kit” when you order to remain warm and toasty when the temperature drops. They’ve got you covered!

 Shine bright like a diamond


Do you like to keep it simple but also love to throw in some extra flair? Apart from stylish city cruisers for adults and kids alike, Bobbin also released a collection of sturdy Mirror Mirror helmets. They protect in a Chrome, Gold, and Rose Gold mirror finish that will make your head shoot sun rays in every direction. This commuter helmet fits properly thanks to a fully adjustable dial fit system and black chin strap and your scalp can breathe through 11 ventilation holes. For maximum comfort and safety, they have EPS foam core with an ABS shell.

Dress for success and safety

Giro Bexley Matte Titanium helmet with retractable sun shade
The Bexley MIPS Helmet by Giro

This design piece is arguably the most minimalist and pure addition of the women’s bike helmets in the Giro lineup. The Bexley features MIPS technology against serious head injury and is a sure-fire way to ensure your architect and designer friends will be in awe and your noggin’ will be safe. These organically clean-cut statement monochrome helmets come in three matte colours, black, titanium and white. You can count on people asking where you got them round the clock thanks to its compact shape and integrated rear light and retractable eyeshade lens.

Besides being very lightweight, and having an adjustable fit, the Bexley bike helmet won’t make you look like a rolling pinhead. You’ll feel confident and comfortable while looking good. Four large closable air vents mean your head stays cool or warm depending on the season. The rear light isn’t USB rechargeable, you’ll need batteries which Giro includes in the box. However, you can easily replace them with your own rechargeables.

Dare to be a Nutcase?


After some rather sensible women’s helmets, there’s something for anyone enjoying a splash of colour in their lives. The notoriously cute bike helmets by Nutcase range in print from fabric-like patterns to downward craziness of kittens flying through space. All this fun while still being extremely lightweight and boasting a sleek removable visor, an anti-pinch magnetic buckle, removable spin dial system, and reflexive elements. The best part is you can totally customise yours.

With Nutcase helmets, you can “light up the night” with their Vio collection of bike helmets perfect for cycling in low light conditions. This line up includes great features like MIPS technology, USB rechargeable panoramic 360° LED lighting (front and sides) with three setting, a removable visor, and anti-bacterial inside padding. Ride your bike from dust to dawn in these stylish bike helmets with no worries.

For the retro-inclined cyclist

A retro-looking urban cyclist wearing a Thousand helmet.
The signature white rim of Thousand’s Heritage helmet collection.

We just love that old-timey motorcycle race air this one gives out, mostly thanks to the signature white rim. No wonder the Thousand brand calls them the Heritage collection. Despite being inspired by vintage designs, these helmets focus on using green, light, and durable material alternatives, which puts them on top shelf in terms of sustainability and style. They are extremely light, come in a few mellow paint jobs and three sizes. As their claim goes – a helmet you would actually want to wear.

Understated, sophisticated, capable

10 colours offered by Kask for their Moebius commuter helmet
10 colours to choose from for the Moebius commuter helmet by Kask

Though not specifically a women’s helmet, rest assured it does mean serious business. If you’re looking for more coverage and the feeling you can ride through any urban environment in style, then the ergo fit Moebius by Italian cycle helmet manufacturer Kask is for you. A lowered back covers the base of your skull and three gaping vents keep your head cool, even on long rides.

There’s a detachable visor up front to keep any elements out of your eyes and it has a removable and machine washable inner lining so you feel fresh even with everyday use. Add to that reflective details, cotton straps and an anti-scratch coating on the ABS outer shell and you’ll be looking sharp on two wheels no matter. There are even 10 colours to choose from. Stay cosy wearing a helmet even in cooler weather with the optional Merino wool winter cap that covers your head and ears and fits seamlessly underneath. Amazing!

Comfortable, stylish and practical

The Lazer Lizard + in Matte Dark Green
The Lizard+ in Matte Dark Green from Lazer

This cycling helmet, available in six colours, is one of the best bike helmets for anyone looking for slightly more heavy-duty commuter bike helmets. It isn’t the most lightweight helmet around but you can count on the good looking Lazer Lizard+ to keep you safe in case of an accident on the road, gravel, and mountain biking.

Lazer has been perfecting their products since their founding in 1919, so they know a thing or two about keeping your neck and pumpkin intact. The design is round and clean with multiple thickness padding, techno polymer injected construction, and extra 16 vents because you deserve to arrive at work without looking like a steamed brisket.

It’s just a hat – or is it?

Female wearing what looks like a regular hat, but it's actually a cycling helmet.
Yakkay helmets use covers that look like ordinary caps or hats.

If the distaste for bulky, lump-shaped things on your head when urban cycling gets the best of you, then Yakkay cycling helmets might be just the thing. They mastered the art of camouflage by simply hiding the helmet’s hard outer shell under a cover shaped like an ordinary fabric cap or hat. Start with their simple round helmet in the size you need, and then add any one of their many universal covers to complement your style – you can look good and switch styles based on your morning mood! The helmet itself is, of course, completely safe and functional.

Queen of the urban jungle


Sawako is not a brand to hold back. Their visible style is either go hard (fashion-wise) or go home. You won’t find any monochromes in their collection of bold, visored helmets. While glitter and crocodile-skin prints might the coolest features to some, it’s not to everyone’s taste. We can’t deny the cheekiness of the designs and the simple and beautiful shape of the helmet itself. And if you get too excited for your new bright head protection in traffic, 11 air vents provide excellent ventilation.

The occasional longboard rider

Black commuter helmet by Bern.
Black Brentwood 2.0 helmet by Bern

To be fair and include a solid helmet on the sporty side, we present you the selection of Bern bike helmets for women and men. You can build your own depending on the features you want. Choose among options like USB chargeable integrated lights (only on some models) and with or without MIPS technology. Their creations look very durable and trustworthy and can protect you against head injuries while skateboarding or snowboarding too.

Most of their helmets are offered in a spectrum of attractive colours with something for everyone, include amusing youth motifs for boys and girls alike. The Brentwood 2.0 helmet deserves a special mention as it’s made with liquid foam which provides extra protection thanks to a higher strength-to-weight ratio than the EPS foam used in most helmets. A well-ventilated and smart choice for commutes indeed.

Have we missed some of your favourites? Let us know!