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The Most Bizarre Christmas Gifts for Your Fellow Cyclists

By Monica Buck

Christmas is almost upon us, so you should be all set with the presents. But let’s face it – you’re not. And that’s why we bring you some inspiration that is so desperately needed.

Sheepskin bike seat cover

For those long group rides!

Bamboo Bicycle Club build kit

Build your own frame, literally! Whether it’s road or off-road you prefer, Bamboo Bicycle Club’s got you covered. Proper building set for a proper cyclist.

Bicycle leather wine bottle holder

Don’t drink and ride! But then again… There’s no harm in transporting the cargo from your local wine shop, right?

Pizza cutter

Why would anyone use anything other than this to cut their pizza?

Winner’s parking

Classy parking for a classy winner.

Pscyclopath cycling fan socks

You know who this one is for.

Vintage-style bicycle horn

For that hipster who believes fixies are too mainstream.

Shimano Ultegra bicycle chain cufflinks

What a bargain for £57…

Cyclist wind spinner

A nice present for your enemy’s garden?


Your bike deserves to feel pretty, too!