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Top 5 Worst Pieces of Nutrition Advice Ever

By Jiri Kaloc

If you ever hear any of these from a nutritionist, walk away immediately! Emerging scientific evidence, and in some cases even common sense, show how wrong this advice is. Some of them are thankfully less common, but the worst are unfortunately still propagated. Let’s go through the top five pieces of advice you should never heed if you want to stay healthy.

Nr. 5 Throw away the egg yolks

This advice is a result of our past fears of fat and cholesterol. Thankfully, today we know that dietary cholesterol has almost no influence on blood cholesterol and that fats are not all bad either. So, we can stop throwing away the most nutritious part of the egg, the yolk, and enjoy its health benefits and wonderful taste without the fear of increasing our risk of heart disease.

Nr. 4 Replace butter with margarine and refined oils

This is the kind of advice where common sense just says no. Are we really supposed to throw away butter, the natural fat we have been eating for generations? And replace it with a highly refined product of the food industry? Margarines and refined oils are what we should be cautious about, they are the new foods that we just can’t be sure are safe.

Nr. 3 Skip the sugar in favour of artificial sweeteners

High sugar consumption is bad for your health, there’s little doubt about that. But how does it make sense to replace a highly refined sweetener with something even more unnatural? Turns out it doesn’t. The more research on artificial sweeteners emerges, the more unsafe they appear. Plus, we have no idea about their long-term effects. Enjoy small quantities of honey or dried fruits as your sweeteners, no need to take risks with something made in a laboratory.

Nr. 2 Everyone should eat a low-fat high-carb diet

The notion that everyone will be better off eating a low-fat high-carb diet is just plain dangerous, and not built on sound science. More and more research is showing that just replacing fat with carbs brings no real benefits. Plus, encouraging high-carb foods these days often points people to sugary and refined foods that promote overeating. There are more ways to build a healthy diet, we all have unique genes, live in different climates, and enjoy different foods. High-carb is absolutely not the only, neither the best approach for most people.

Nr. 1 You can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise

This advice has probably caused the most damage in the world of nutrition and fitness of all. Not only does it not work, but it makes it seem like it’s your fault for not having enough willpower. Exercise is great and helps you stay healthy. But what you eat has the biggest effect on how much you weigh. You just can’t outrun a bad diet. And even if you can in the short-term, exercising doesn’t turn unhealthy foods into healthy ones. This thinking makes bad diet choices seem ok and that’s inexcusable because if you eat poorly, your health will get worse sooner or later.