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Bora-Hansgrohe and Peter Sagan Are Going to Court with UCI

By Monica Buck

The world champ collided with Mark Cavendish in the final sprint on stage four of the Tour de France, creating the most controversial moment of the whole race. Officials deemed the crash intentional and disqualified Sagan. The Slovak still thinks he didn’t do anything wrong, though, and he’s got his team to back him up.

Bora-Hansgrohe will not let the thing just go and are taking it once again to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The hearing will take place on December 6 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Sport’s high court already ruled once in the matter, upholding the UCI’s decision in an express appeal during the Tour.

A fan of Slovakian Peter Sagan of Bora – Hansgrohe with Slovakian flag along the track of the fourth stage of the Tour de France

Sagan’s team is now making a case against the UCI over the application of the rule and the resulting financial losses. Bora-Hansgrohe also claims the jury never heard and should have listened to Sagan’s side of the story. The result of the court hearing will definitely affect UCI’s rulings in similar collisions in the future.

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