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GALLERY: The British Guy Behind Pro Cyclists’ LEGO Figurines

By Frantiska Blazkova

We’ve noticed that our post with LEGO Peter Sagan received some serious love from you, We Love Cycling fans, so we decided to dig out more. We’ve found the culprit behind it and chatted him up a bit. His name is Matt Stanbury from Devon, United Kingdom, and you should go check out his Instagram later.

When asked about how the idea of LEGO versions of cycling celebrities popped into his head, he simply says that while he was riding his bike home one night, he had a “bingo” moment about making an illustrated LEGO version of himself so he started there and the pro versions soon followed.

Besides brilliant illustrations and making designs for bikes, cycling kits, helmets, socks, and whatnot, he’s also a part of a local cycling team called Glorious CC. It’s been running for two years now and the group also includes Matt’s dad. Their team motto is a pretty straightforward “No Cake, No Glory”, which is also their respective Instagram hashtag and it’s featured on every rider’s jersey. So, naturally, we got curious. “We’re just likeminded guys who love to ride and eat cake! Hence the motto!” explains Matt.

Their Instagram description, reading “Pro Continental Cake eaters UCI approved™”, gives away that they would hate to take themselves too seriously and that’s what, according to Matt, people love about their style. “A lot of brands on social media like the realness of Glorious CC. People can relate to us because we’re just normal guys,” adds Matt.

Matt also shared with us that social media worked their magic and the Sagan drawing caught the eye of the owners of a brand called 100% that makes sporting glasses and they commissioned a special version for their headquarters. And guess what, Peto Sagan himself is getting a print too, sending Matt a signed one in exchange.

We say good job.