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Flirting with the Himalayas: Something Big Is Brewing in India

By WeLoveCycling

The Himalayas – the most impressive and famous mountain range in the world. Only madmen would dare to cycle there. Or would they? Let’s see what’s in store; one specific journey includes huge climbs, endless, unstable, rocky, and serpentine trails, and if all this isn’t tough enough the road is also littered with active military checkpoints.

What if we told you Škoda found not just one lunatic but a whole bunch of them, more precisely four, willing to take on this challenge? One iron lady and three daredevils. We can’t reveal just yet what exactly they will be facing but but we can guarantee you that they will face extreme conditions in the Indian state of Kashmir. Go big or go home? Most certainly.

The race will take place in the second half of October and although our four brave souls might seem like they have a reckless death wish, they are already making serious preparations to handle the changes in atmosphere that happen during altitude sports.

This nifty invention is called the Hypoxico tent and simulates the oxygen-lacking situations you face while cycling in high altitudes. Demonstrating the usage is one of our contestants. You will hear more about the international team of riders in the upcoming months. And as the athletes are shedding sweat and tears and pondering their sanity, our shooting crew is already making preparations among the snowy Himalayan peaks because we would not want to miss a single photogenic location of this incredible nature’s wonder.

Why would we allow a group of athletes to deliberately put themselves through such a wringer? We will treat you to more details soon, so stay tuned!

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