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You Have a Chance to Win a Trip to Mallorca with Stephen Roche!

By WeLoveCycling

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t be jumping for joy with such news delivered to their inbox. Anyway, the first two rounds of our Tour de France contest are over and the lucky winners can start thinking about what should they pack to bring with them. But did you know about round three?

For the more actively inclined, there’s a cycling camp in store. But it’s not just a dull drill or a tiring boot camp for four nights. None other than Stephen Roche, the Triple Crown of Cycling winner and a jolly Irish companion in general, will invite three cycling enthusiasts to spend four to five days at his cycling training camp on Mallorca. And yes, it’s exactly as good as it sounds.

Not only you do you get to enjoy the stunning tropical landscape views of this sun-drenched island and the impeccable quality of its roads but, apart from Stephen, you will be accompanied by seasoned bike guides who will assess your abilities and give you tips on how to improve your style or just any advice to make this experience the best you could possibly have. But don’t expect it to be a walk in the park either, you’re here to get moving and so you will! Mallorca is known for its hilly and rocky profile and many long-winding dogleg descents and climbs are in store for you. So, the time might come when you will chant the legendary cycling mantra “shut up, legs” over and over but a little bit of calf pain is a small price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

After spending the day in the saddle, the evenings will be filled with dinners full of chat and a welcoming atmosphere, where you can share your experiences and observations from the day’s ride.

It will be four days to remember, no matter what you do. What are you waiting for? Take a shot at our competition!