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Free Bikes Just for the Promise to Ride Them? New Cycling Project Rewards Active Employees

By Monica Buck

The Free2Cycle initiative came up with an innovative idea to put more potential cyclists in the saddle. They want people to set a “personal mileage pledge” and then offer them a free bike of their own choice depending on the number of the pledged commuting miles. The maximum value has been set to £1,750, but the employees are free to make an optional contribution to lift the bike value to £2,750. So, who does the paying if it’s free?

Because cycling improves productivity at work, reduces sick days, parking costs and even the potential frequency of late arrivals, employers are, as part of the scheme, required to pay 20p per every commuted mile.

“Typically this is likely to equate to a cost of £20 to £30 per month with a tenfold benefit being realistically achieved by many employers,” said Eric G Craig, CEO of Free2Cycle.

The Free2Cycle scheme relies heavily on employers, but the numbers are really persuasive. HR Magazine figures show that 33% of employers claim that their cycling employees are more productive, and 89% of them describe regular cyclists as more energised throughout the day. The CEO of Free2Cycle believes that a simple encouragement to make this kind of savings shows employees that they are valuable for the company, which is certain to boost morale in the workplace.

You can learn more about the whole project HERE.