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VIDEO: Horse Sneaked into a Bicycle Race in Northern Ireland

Thanks to the bottomless treasure trove that are YouTube videos, we already know that horses are no strangers to fun, on the contrary, often you can see them frolicking just like hoofed overgrown dogs. This one shamelessly invited itself at a cycling race in County Donegal, Northern Ireland. While the Foyle Cycling Club held its Tour of the North West in St Johnston, the Friday stage witnessed this unexpected guess – a white horse that jumped over a bush and a ditch just to get that racetrack feel.


The horse held a steady pace in front of more than 100 riders, seemingly enjoying its temporary top position. Although we don’t know how this strange game of tag ended, we are glad to learn that nobody got hurt and only a funny story to tell remains of an incident that could go awry very easily.

The Foyle Cycling Club claims on the main page that “the club welcomes women, men, and young people to its ranks” and, furthermore, that its activities put an emphasis on “inclusivity, fun and a focus on all levels of participation”. Our guess is that the horse decided to hold them to their words of inclusiveness and open-mindedness and put their anybody-welcome policy to a test.