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VIDEO: Watch This Saddle Transform into a Bicycle Lock

By Monica Buck

Carrying a bike lock around can become annoying. The lightweight ones don’t offer much protection against bolt cutters, and the proper ones tend to be very heavy. As not having a lock at all is not really an option for any bike lover, a new solution might attract a lot of potential customers. A New York-based company intends to fill the potential hole on the market with Seatylock.

The invention of Israeli product designer Oren Livne tackles two problems at once. It happens too often that when the thieves can’t get their hands on the whole bike, at least they try to steal the seat. But in this case, the seat is the actual device. That’s because in a matter of seconds, it transforms into a very sturdy folding lock.

“Locking the bicycle is widely known to be a burden. Bike riders could sometimes find that they have left their lock back home while needing it the most, some cyclists even face saddle theft. That will never happen with a Seatylock,” said the designer himself.

The device attaches to most of bicycle seat columns, and the lock is placed underneath the seat while riding. That puts it into the bike’s centre of gravity, meaning that cyclists shouldn’t feel any extra weight. The lock is coated in plastic to ensure that your precious bike doesn’t get scratched.

Find out more about the product HERE. The current price is $99.00.