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Top 10 Cycling Summer Jerseys

By Christopher Ashley

You’ll soon be discarding your base layers and jackets. Suddenly 2014’s jersey won’t cut it any more. Summer’s coming – you’ll want to be looking and feeling good. Here are some options.

Dhb Blok

The material is light with a silky feel – once you start to sweat, the polyester will stick and wick away the moisture leaving you cooler on hot rides. Production quality is great, and there are reliable, deep pockets to store your bottles and gels. Particularly great if you like the retro 90s styling.

Bontrager Classique

It’s made using merino and will cost you just shy of £120 – but no, it isn’t made by Rapha! This is a fantastically technical shirt that will cover a wide range of weather conditions, from sudden rain shows to prolonged sunny spells. If you don’t want TREK emblazoned across your chest, you can opt for the Pink Frosting colour!

Castelli Perfetto Light

Brilliant performance with technical styling – there’s something reassuring about Castelli’s resolute adherence to pro-peloton friendly fashion. Deep pockets, light fabric, this jersey does the job. Just check the forecast to make sure it’s not going to rain…

Aldi Ladies Performance

The love-it-or-hate-it Aldi cycle range has been upping its game over the last couple of years, but the watchwords remain – quality and value. Keep an eye out for their special buys, as the 2016 jersey earned plenty of plaudits for its thin mesh fabric that did a good job of keeping its cool in the heat.

Rapha Women’s Classic Jersey II

Perfection has been improved on, and the classic offers the heat management properties of merino blended with light tech-grade polyester – ideal for changeable summer conditions. If you want to avoid pink, the light blue looks great.

Cycle Like a Girl Navy Polkadot Jersey

This jersey is a nobrainer for any lady cyclist in our humble opinion. You’re sucking some guy’s wheel until you hit a hill, you get out the saddle and give it some socks on the incline. What do you want your nemesis to see after you’ve beaten him to the top? That’s right – CYCLE LIKE A GIRL written in bright capital letters across your back.

Isadore Climbers Jersey

This is one of the meanest looking jerseys we’ve seen. It shouts CLIMB and keeps shouting at you till you reach the top. Solid construction, lightweight printed panels are juxtaposed by thin merino mesh – there’s enough room in those huge back pockets to stash a gilet for that hard-earned descent.

Rapha’s Flyweight Jersey

The relatively new Flyweight is classic Rapha with a tech-bent – there’s no merino here. Designed for the hottest and most humid conditions, we think this looks good in the Dark Blue Green.

Lusso Air-16

If you’re going to be on the drops for extended periods in high UV conditions, this one’s for you. The front is a light mesh that offers plenty of ventilation, while the back offers high-grade UV protection. Not the prettiest of jerseys, but who cares when you’re dropping your mates on the club ride?


B’Twin 300

A cycling jersey doesn’t need to break the bank, and for £4.99 B’Twin offers this jersey in a range of plain, inoffensive colours. Design is kept simple – the 300 will keep the worst of the sun and sweat off you for the duration of your double centuries. The back pockets are sensibly within reaching distance of even the least flexible among us.