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Froome’s Kenyan Mentor to Launch His Charity During Tour of Wessex

By Monica Buck

David Kinjah is a cycling star in his homeland and as Chris Froome himself admitted, the Kenyan influenced him the most during his teenage years. The founder of Safari Simbaz Charity Trust is now coming over to Britain to ride the Tour of Wessex. And the good cause he’s promoting is definitely worth checking out.

“We hope we will fire up every school kid about what we are doing and what ultimately we can all achieve if we just set our minds to it. We’re going to invite everyone at the Tour of Wessex to join our adventure in this. Both as the Captain of the Kenyan National Cycling Team and as the founder of the Safari Simbaz, I can’t think of anything better,” Kinjah said.

The Safari Simbaz helps young people from disadvantaged communities in Kenya to ride. Getting them involved in cycling helps them in pursuing education as well as other opportunities. Chris Froome is still one of the main donors.

“I’ve met youngsters who are inspired to study by being able to cycle to school rather than having to walk or run 15 km, that sort of thing makes all the effort worthwhile,” said Kinjah.

David Kinjah during an interview on July 17, 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Safari Simbaz Charity Trust will be the official charity partner of the Tour of Wessex. If you want to support them, or even meet David Kinjah, don’t hesitate to sign up HERE.