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Cycling Around the World with Tulku, the Blind Dog

By Monica Buck

Kira Purlyte is travelling the Pan-American Highway on a bike with her boyfriend Sven and their dog Tulku. Unfortunately, the doggie went blind during their travels and had to undergo 3 surgeries in order to walk again. That didn’t stop the brave couple, though, as they soldier on at their journey.

“We started the trip in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and will finish it in Alaska, USA. One morning in Peru we woke up in the middle of the desert and found our dog blind and unable to walk. It took 5 months, 3 different countries and 3 surgeries to fix her legs. She can walk again now, but she is still blind. We currently are in Colombia and already cycled 10 000 km. We will ride 16 000 km more.”

Day 1: Starting In Ushuaia
Day 36: Exploring Waterfalls In Chile
Day 85: Having A Break Between Endless Switchbacks
Day 73: On The Panamerican Highway
Day 135: Cycling Through Conchas Gorge In Argentina
Day 168: Fun With Llamas In Altiplano
Day 188: Roaming Free On The World’s Largest Salt Flat
Day 176: Moving Forward In Bolivia
Day 215: Reaching The Highest Point (14855 ft.)
Day 257: Getting Cozy In The Basket
Day 260: Not Caring About The Nazca Lines
Day 378: Sniffing Around In Sechura Desert
Day 402: Cycling Through Banana Plantations
Day 397: Chilling On The Beach In Peru
Day 453: Crossing The Equator Line
Day 569: Exploring Ruins Of Ancient Civilizations In The Jungle
Day 591: Recovering After The Surgery In Colombia