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Your Bike with a Touch of Spring

By Angie Ng

Everywhere I look, spring is here – colourful flowers are popping up everywhere against a backdrop of green grass and new leaves. All my winter clothing is going into boxes and I’m happily wearing my spring pieces again. Now, why shouldn’t our bicycles also have spring outfits? It’s time to hit up the local crafts store (or your own craft drawer). Here are a few ideas of how we can decorate our bikes for this wonderful season.

Washi Tape

Use spring-themed washi or decorative tape and wrap it around parts or your entire bike frame.

Paper Tissue Strips and/or Ribbons

Another option is to use paper tissue strips or ribbons to wrap around your bike frame. If you’re feeling up for the challenge, bike streamers can add a nice touch, too.

Flower Planters or Vases

Attach a mini-planter or a mini-vase to your bike to take some flower power with you wherever you go. Instructions for the vase are available via this link.

Metal Flowers

For a more industrial look, you can also try creating metallic flowers and attach them to choice areas of your bicycle. Instructions are available HERE.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Apart from giving your bike a delicate look, tissue paper flowers are fun to create. You could make flowers of all different sizes and stick them all over your bike, but a single flower would also look quite elegant. Just remember to make sure they don’t get wet in the rain.

Easter-Themed Wheel Spokes

Create some Easter-themed wheel spoke accessories using foam, eraser clay or Easter-themed erasers. Use a nail the size of the wheel spoke and create a hole down the centre, and then make a vertical cut down one side of the eraser or foam to allow it to fit around a wheel spoke. Here’s the link to the instructions for making Easter bunny erasers out of eraser clay.

Crocheted Bike Skirt Guard

If you enjoy crocheting, why not try to make a bike skirt guard yourself with some lovely, spring-coloured crochet thread?