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Zambulance – The Zambian Revolution in Transport & Healthcare

By Christopher Ashley

If your country’s roads need patching up and your population is rural, getting medical attention to people in need is a challenge.

African problems, with African solutions

Developing countries commonly carry medical patients to health centres on ox carts or wheelbarrows, but this can be slow, uncomfortable, and taking animal labour away from farm work is expensive.

Zambike is a non-profit organisation, committed to saving lives in Africa through transport solutions. They’ve developed a lightweight trailer that can be easily customised, and pulled by a range of vehicles depending on what’s available. They call it The Zambulance.

Pimp your ride

The basic model is a little more than a bed on a trailer where half the bed can be angled allowing patients to be seated an upright position. Coupled with pneumatic tyres, the Zambulance is light enough to be pulled by motorcycle, pedal bike, or even by pedestrians if need be.

Zambike are happy to customise each Zambulance for the needs of the client – you can opt for a full canopy model, have an IV drip hanger installed, a rack for medical equipment or any other modification made upon request.

Saving lives

TransAID, the UK non-profit, reported that journeys by a bicycle drawn Zambulance were likely to take 75 % less time than the equivalent journey by foot, and arrive on average about half an hour earlier than the same journey by ox cart, equating this to the difference between life and death.

Sustainable care

Zambulances are designed to be easy to maintain – made in Zambia from steel frames with motorbike wheels, it’s unlikely much will go wrong with them. As any bike mechanic will tell you, a bent steel frame can often be knocked back into shape.

Given that Zambulance uses a bicycle as the engine, a cyclist can easily keep serving his community with minimal cost. And this is why We Love Cycling loves the Zambulance.