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The Downhill: Watch the Trailer for a Horror Movie You (Don’t) Need to See

By Adam Marsal

“He spit some blood in my mouth!” is what the scared-to-death guy is saying to the camera in a scene of the trailer for the upcoming movie called Downhill.

The Chilean piece directed by Patricio Valladares really has something to do with cycling. It starts with some beautiful biking shots. After his friend dies in a racing accident, professional biker Joe agrees to replace him and take part in an exhibition in Chile. During the training ride with his girlfriend Stephanie, they find a seriously injured man who’s obviously suffering from some mysterious infection and who seems to die soon in great pain. However, this is only the beginning of a bad ride.

Still dressed in cycling jerseys, both characters become hunted targets of relentless killers who are ready to do anything to keep their secret in the mountains. Apart from getting a puncture without having a spare tube, there’s a variety of circumstances you want to avoid during your Sunday cycling trips, such as dead people hanging from trees, insane locals armed with machetes or a contagious virus with the ability to turn you into a slimy monster.

On the other hand, the GoPro is still miraculously running, so we can take more and more blood baths and become spectators of increasing cruelty executed on the poor cyclists.

If you like cheap horror movies, and the crashes in real DH world cups already seem to be too soft for you, this is a perfect tip for your lonely night after an all-day trip. If not, you’d better stay away from it.