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Puncture Finder: You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It

By Františka Blažková

This is probably the most extraordinary way of how to find and fix punctures to this day. This gadget, looking like an oddly-shaped special edition of Tic Tacs, is filled with a bunch of polystyrene balls that begin to kick up a fuss when they come in contact with the stream of air escaping from a pierced tyre. Or as the creators put it, much more sophisticatedly: “It encapsulates this air within a dome that contains specially engineered light weight beads from the aero industry, which are very receptive and sensitive to air movement.” They certainly have a way with words.


The inventors of Puncture Finder claim on their website that this odd box is supposed to be “an inexpensive and indispensable tool for Cyclists, Motorcyclists, Motorists and Campers”. We can certainly see the pluses but they again, it might seem that you should find the hissing hole pretty easily because, well, it’s hissing.

The instructing video will guide you through the process of using Puncture Finder with some soothing atmospheric music in the background, because fixing a puncture doesn’t have to be a tragedy – it can be a moment of peace and perhaps a little meditation. You should remove the inner tube, pump it full of air and then run Puncture Finder all over it. For £9.99 it will be delivered into your house along with allegedly free puncture repair kit and free postage. We say it’s worth every penny, even if it should be only a funny birthday gift for your favourite cyclist.