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Spring Cycling Fashion for Women

By Bonnie Friend

Spring is in the air, and as any cyclist knows, that calls for a whole new wardrobe to go with a wealth of temperature changes. It’s not yet warm enough to go full tilt into short shorts and short sleeves, but it’s warm enough that covering up top to toe is going to make for uncomfortable riding. Putting style in your stride this season, here are our top spring cycling fashion recommendations for women…

The hoodie

Athleisure has been the name on every fashionista’s lips for a while now, straddling the lines between sport and style. Well, Beyonce’s clothing line Ivy Park has really blown the game wide open with this mesh hoodie. Surprisingly effective as an extra layer, it’s for the more confident cyclist, and can be worn over a simple tee or even just a sports bra.

The gilet

First up, and a returning favourite amongst those of us who want to feel athletically equipped when cycling but remain elegantly attired, MEAME’s Altair Biker Jacket, which is so wonderfully elegant throughout the winter months, has the handy ability to be worn as a gilet. The performance jacket is waterproof, has adaptable reflectives, and comes in a premium Italian fabric with a sophisticated cut.

The trainers

Add a hint of pink for a touch of feminine flair with pink trainers this spring. A firm favourite last year, those pastel perfect colours remain in style and bring a touch of seasonal class to sporty looks, as well as being infinitely wearable once you get off your bike.


The sports bra

Sports bras are no longer confined to being the unseen side of sportswear. These days, they’re as stylish as what goes on top, and in fact, underwear is generally made to be worn as outerwear now anyway, particularly if you opt for that aforementioned Ivy Park hoodie. Take a look at Forever 21’s medium impact sports bra with a sheer mesh overlay and adjustable straps for something a little different to add to your wardrobe.

The leggings

Cut-out leggings arrived with a vengeance last year and they’re not going anywhere fast. Adding a little extra intrigue to sportswear, it’s a trend that’s been seen on all off-duty stars as well as in the gym. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sported it perfectly, and now we’re at it too. boohoo.com do a wide range to choose from, as do most sports brands.