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Rap Battle: An Alternative Look at the Diversity of Contemporary Cycling

By We Love Cycling

The Olympic Games bring together all of those who have found their calling on two wheels…

When you’re passionate about what you do, it’s easy to get carried away. We’re probably all guilty of claiming on one or more occasion that the style of cycling we practice is superior to others. Thankfully, the Olympics are a healthy reminder that there are world-class cyclists absolutely killing it in every discipline.

Something a lot of people forget is that many athletes get their start riding a different style than they end up becoming famous for. Adaptability is probably the best weapon one can have to really excel in competition, and the ability to appreciate the strengths of those who differ from you is the mark of true sportsmanship.


As we head into the final week of the 2016 Olympics we hope you’re making the most of the opportunity to check out how these men and women are taking their sport to the next level. And amidst the hyper-serious atmosphere of world-class competition it’s also important to take a moment to appreciate those who are bringing some humour to the debate about which style of cycling is the king. Take a look at these guys for example, if the Olympic podium isn’t too likely to welcome you in the upcoming future, sometimes the best way to outmanoeuvre your competitor is with a good old fashioned rap battle…