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Urban Fancy: The Epitome of Trendy Cycling Style

By We Love Cycling

Cycling in the city is not what it used to be, from roadies to bike-messengers, commuters, and BMXers, you can encounter quite the mix of characters making their way around the urban landscape these days. There is one type who tends to stand out though, with an uncanny knack for making a statement, effortless glamour would be one way to describe them. Vintage frame, scarf blowing in the wind, on their way from the organic grocer or sipping a local microbrew on a sunny patio, these trendsetters don’t ride a bike because it’s ‘cool,’ bikes are cool because they ride them. Know who are we talking about?

Allow us to introduce you to the Urban Fancy extraordinaire. Františka is a 25-year-old style aficionado. A city girl through and through, she works at an ad agency and spends her evenings toiling away in her studio or attending the hippest cultural events. A student of art and literature, she loves clothing design, blackwork tattoos, fluffy dogs, ethnic cuisine, martial arts, gardening, and comic books. Oh, and urban cycling, of course.

Known around the neighborhood for her signature platinum blond ‘do and metallic green vintage frame, this darling of the scene is never spotted without her beloved Eska. As any Urban Fancy knows, the bike you ride is a crucial element of your identity and probably the most important item you own. Of course, this lady doesn’t disappoint when it comes to having the perfect setup. No longer in production, she rides a signature model from the legendary Czechoslovakian brand Eska. Built around the time its current rider was born, this sleek machine has since been refurbished at a small bicycle workshop in Prague. Maintaining its integrity with mostly original parts, Františka’s bike is a nostalgic love letter to days past, featuring a hot new paint job and detailing that would make any design junkie drool.

Of course, a supreme set of wheels if not the only thing that sets this one apart. Another crucial difference from other cyclists? Urban cycling fashionistas don’t sweat, or at least they look like it. How do they accomplish this? Black. Black hides everything from sweat marks to Sunday’s Indonesian brunch food baby. Ideally featuring a flowing design, black leaves you looking poised and ready for any occasion.

In addition to looking great doing it, our Urban Fancy appreciates the more practical benefits of cycling as well. She started using a bike to commute and save some money on public transportation, while having fun staying fit. Although she continues to appreciate these bonuses, she has to admit that flying down some of the amazing old town streets, looking fly, and catching the admiring gazes of bystanders is a pretty good feeling.

But wait, is it really all just about style? This may sound a little reckless, is it safe to ride around in designer heels and a basket overflowing with organic vegetables? Is there any respect for bike etiquette, or is Františka putting herself and others at risk by disregarding road signs, taking makeshift shortcuts to the nearest raw café or farmer’s market? Not this lady. She knows the rules of the road and understands that everyone has to do their part to keep the city a cycle friendly place for all. Before she’s even saddled up, she goes through the city regulations of the route she’s planning to take and always obeys local safety rules.

Capturing the spirit, fun, and community of city riding, this is the girl to be seen with on the roads in Prague. Luckily, she’s easy to find. Frequenting whichever café is offering the latest in cold-press brew technology, Františka is the one with the flawless hair and metallic green cruiser who appears to be plucked from an artfully shot fashion magazine spread. The epitome of cycling cool, she’s the girl to look to for major bikespiration! Do you know interesting cycling story? Share it with us here!