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Coolest News from the World of Cycling

By Martin Mrazek

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So what did you miss in the last couple of days? Read on to find out.

Dream Big and you can fly

We at WeLoveCycling.com shot some pretty special footage with Nicole Frýbortová and the response after we published it yesterday was truly heart-warming. You guys seem to love it according to the comments and we thank you very much. Just in case you missed it, you can watch it in the video below and read more about it HERE.

Hanging out. Literally.

Is this really Robbie McEwen? If yes, he’s got some serious moves!

Wilier Zero.6

The Italian brand Willier might mostly make you think about Femke Van den Driessche nowadays, as that was the bike she raced on, but don’t forget it’s also an amazing manufacturer with 200-year-old pedigree. Willier decided to celebrate this moment in its history by producing a limited run of 200 bikes called Willier Zero.6. The frame is supposed to weigh just 680g and the black and copper paintjob is just stunning. You really want one, don’t you?

Morgan vs. Armstrong

Pierce Morgan called cyclists cretinous busy-bodies on Twitter and Lance Armstrong quickly answered with suggestion that the Brit might have too much time on his hands after being sacked from CNN. Morgan didn’t fail to reply and called Lance a “champ”. It’s hard to choose sides in this argument, isn’t it…

Cut the Catcalling

Bike messengers are apparently common victims of catcalling and, as this video shows, they are really not happy about it.


If you happen to see a carrot-coloured guy in the peloton this year don’t worry, it’s probably just Toms Skujiņš making the most of Gaimon’s gift.