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Downmall Tour Is a Wicked Series of Races

By Martin Mrazek

Downmall Tour 2016 is a truly unique experience. This year’s series ended in Prague last weekend and we were there to capture the moment. So check out our photo gallery and make sure to visit one of the races next time!

Hannover, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague. Those were the six stops of this year’s Downmall Tour and viewers in every single one of them saw sick races. The results declared Tomáš Slavík as the overall winner, but there were other familiar faces to notice as well.


David Janáč won the BMX freestyle and Tomáš Zejda won the MTB freestyle. You can read our interview with Tomáš who managed to get inside of the Nitro Circus, HERE.


You can understand why the malls are filled up on every single stop of the Downmall Tour. It’s a truly unique experience to see riders race down the mall on an improvised track.