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Have a Laugh with the 20 Best Cycling GIFs!

By Monica Buck

Do you think that cycling is a rather serious sport? We compiled 20 best cycling gifs that will send you straight to the Tour de Laughs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a funny animation of cyclists eating whipped cream during their ride, or some weird cycling crash we hate to laugh at but have to, this article has something for everybody.

Support is everything

That is one sticky bench

What a jump!

Serious skill

What was he thinking?

Would you dare to try this?


Push, darling, push!

Nope. Not having you

Was that on purpose?

The Royal Flush


Is this for real?

This is for real…

Meanwhile in India

No. Just no

It’s all about nutrition

Do not try this at home!

His balls are doing the balance

Care to explain this? Anybody?!