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Crazy Underwater Cycling Below the Ice of Lake Baikal

By Jan Koran

If you are more of a casual rider and consider winter cycling an entertainment for a few lunatics, than you’ll be shaking your head when you see how these daredevils from Russia hold their breath and endure temperatures of one degree Celsius so they can cycle under the ice of lake Baikal.

The free divers made their way underwater by diving into a hole in the ice to take part in the extreme sport in the world’s largest freshwater lake.

They held their breath underwater for 90 seconds beneath the thick sheet of ice – around 50cm – on Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, Russia.

Businessman Andrey Sidorov, 43, who took the photos of the unusual sport, said it was the first time anyone had cycled in this way.


There might be a reason for that, right?


Have you ever seen such madmen?


Our backs shiver just from looking at this.