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Clothing Fail – Winter

By Angie Ng

When cycling in cold weather, we all know that it’s important to layer clothing, wear a wind jacket etc. Some people have other ideas though, so let’s explore these here. This is in no way to disrespect their fashion sense – just want to point out that maybe it’s not very practical to cycle in certain pieces or outfits.

Is it just me, or is she overdressed?

Neglecting to Cover One’s Head, Ears and Face:

Just looking at this photo makes my ears feel cold… and my face, too.

Photo: bromptoning.com

Another case of overdressing…. And don’t you think that it might be a bit difficult to pedal in those snowpants?

Gigantic Winter Boots:

Photo: nationalpost.com

While big winter boots may be a fashion statement for some, they can make pedaling quite clumsy.

Photo: veloaporter.com

What a lovely pink coat! I would hate to see if get caught in something or have dirty melted snow splashed onto it.