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Best Cycling Gifts of the Internet

By Martin Winter

Christmas quickly passed and now is the time to share your new prized possessions with the rest of us! We’ve chosen a couple of social media posts to get you started. Plus there is a chance to squeeze one more gift out of us this year. Just keep reading…

Christmas Drinking Game

Mark Cavendish has decided to share a new game with the world. We gave it a go and needless to say – our displays got properly erased.

Bike is the Best Gift Possible

Can you think of anything better to find under the Christmas tree than a brand new bike? We are unfortunately a little too old to experience the pure joy of getting the first one from our parents but timelines all around the world are just filled with kids loving that unique feeling. Chris Froome is no exception in this matter so he decided to share a couple of these beautiful photographs. Do you remember the time you got your first bicycle?

Photo: Instagram

Christmas – Aussie Style

Adam Hansen went to Australia and all we got was this TERRIFYING photograph. We sincerely hope this wasn’t his only present…

One More Gift For You

Didn’t find your dream gift under the Christmas tree? Do not despair and share your story about the big disappointment in the Instagram post’s comments section below. The best one will win the epic Škoda Auto cycling sunglasses. Hurry up! The contest ends on December 29.

Enter the contest here.