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‘Firsts’ of Enduro champion Andrea Bruno

By Adam Marsal

Everyone has their first bike story but what about famous riders? What was their first bike and was it obvious since their first moves that one day they will dominate all those competitions? Let‘s have a look at the story of Italian Enduro champion, Andrea Bruno.

Andrea Bruno’s Story

Andrea Bruno (38) lives in the North West of Italy, at the feet of the Alps, with his wife and two little tween Rebecca and Thomas (6).

He was racing BMX for 10 years than stopped bike racing for about eight years. By chance he tried downhill competition and got excited by mountain biking. Since then he’s been part of the Italian national squad for many years. He raced in World Cup and World Championships both in Downhill and Four Cross, reaching some top 20 in few races.

Andrea Bruno riding
Photo: Andrea Brunos archive

In 2010 he decided to focus on the Enduro which came out strong in Italy and his BMX skills helped him to be clean, consistent and fast rider which is exactly what you need to win Enduro races. Andrea won almost every race for almost three years and had the luck to race against biggest names of today’s Enduro scene like Clementz, Vouilloz, Barel, Lau and has beaten them in a few occasion.

A shoulder injury in 2013 has slowed him down right in the first year of the Enduro World Series, but now he’s recovered from a shoulder surgery and is getting back the pleasure to ride for fun! He’s looking forward to have you all riding with him in Italy!

Like father, like son

Speaking of first bikes, his son Thomas must have inherited his cycling gene, just have a look how he rules on that bike!

Do you remember your first bike? They have changed significantly over the decades but only one of them can be your first. Lets have a quick look into history of ‘first’ bikes in our video.

watch my first bike video

Andreas firsts

Do you remember your first ride on bike?  
I don’t remember exactly my first ride but I clearly remember my first years on my bike. My cousin and I built our first jump in the courtyard when I was 4 and we improved our little bike park in the next years. When I look at some of our pictures I am scared: no helmet, no protections, rope shoes!

Andrea Bruno riding bmx 1985
Photo: Andrea Brunos archive

How did your first bike look like?
It was a BMX, a pretty cheap one actually, with plastic brake levers and plastic wheels. I clearly remember it did not last more than two weeks and my father had to buy me a brand new one.

Your absolutely first race in your life?
It was a BMX race, back in 1984 and I was seven years old.

Andrea Bruno riding bmx 1987
Photo: Andrea Brunos archive

Strongest moment in your biking history?
I think the first downhill race that I took part was a pretty exciting time for me as I discovered a new discipline. I showed up as a completely unknown rider, scoring a top ten at a national race with a front suspended bike. It was back in 2002 and it was pretty cool indeed!