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For the first time? It did hurt just a little!

Their first few meters. They start independent moving after weeks of the struggling, rises and falls. Thus, next it all goes wrong. Your child, their first bicycle and their first mishap.


Some people declare that a person who has never crashed cannot drive. Crashes are purely and simply a part of the learning process. It is true of bicycles too and the stories told by the parents, their children and children´s first bike shows it.

Peter taught his son Samuel how to ride a bicycle dutifully and according to the instructions. A bounce bike at the beginning and after he understood how to balance, upgraded to a bicycle with pedals. It was a blue bicycle chosen by Sam himself. There is always some bike they yearn for.

Rules aren’t everything

The patients test follows: Peter explained to his son that a) he shouldn’t look at his feet, but in front of himself at the road ahead. b) If he stays still and removes his foot from the pedals, he will fall off. c) Uncle´s Eric declaration “who slows down, he is afraid” is not true.

Boy learning how to ride a bike
Photo: Profimedia.cz

They both got a feeling that “it will be ok” after they went through the full alphabet of rules and warnings. Therefore, one day they went to the slight hill in the park behind the house. To first independent ride. All going as planned, but only before the moment when Samuel forgot the rules…

Practice shows

Instead of the route, he looked down at the alternating pedals, which were accelerating together as bicycle started to speed downhill. The bicycle route began to change now. Peter ran, called and advised, but Sam was hypnotised by the pedals. He only accelerated. In the moment when Sam went to the edge of the road and in full motion, force rammed into the bushes. Peter began to sprint.

He ran to the abandoned bicycle frightened but saw his five-year old son happily hanging off a branch and shouting with a smile: “It was tough! I am going again!” Peter understood that Samuel can ride a bicycle and he will enjoy it. That is most important, at least according to the children psychologists.

Falls belong to learning

Perhaps each parent has a similar experience. The outstretched dog´s lead made David´s daughter fall. Nothing serious happened to her because of her bicycle helmet. Although  the dog was quite shocked.

Joseph, a Marc´s son, during one of his first rides accidentally rode into the middle of a school excursion and before being stopped by the teacher, he had carved out a sizeable “furrow” of school children. No serious injuries occurred.

Kid crying while learning to ride a bike
Photo: Profimedia.cz

When Elisabeth discovered the insidiousness of the front break, she lost a tooth. Her “flight” over the handlebars finished on the curb and was followed by a visit of a family doctor, but since that time Liz knew very well that breaking should be slow and calm.

Do you have a similar experience? Don´t leave it for yourself. Help us prove that who never crashed, cannot drive!