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Bikes As Strong
As Cargo Vans

By Adam Ulrich

Imagine a beautiful woman riding along on a sperm. The sort of thing that psychedelic videos and dreams are made of has now become reality in the form of the Sperm Bullitt cargo bike.  This ‘double-take image’ is used to transport sperm samples to fertility clinics around Copenhagen.

Cargo bikes, specially adapted to carry loads, are becoming an ever-more-common feature of towns and cities where cycling is actively encouraged. Bikes like this used to be mainly for messengers or pizza-delivers, but now they have caught on and are becoming widely used in several facets. Why not ‘live the life’ of a cargo biker when they are quick, cheap and environmentally friendly?

Business men hurrying on the carriere bike to the child´s creche
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

You don’t have to ride around on a sperm all the time, nine months after the Sperm Bullitt carries its precious load from the donor to the recipient, you can load up your newborn baby into a car seat on a cargo bike and carry them round until they can ‘stand on his own two wheels’. Perhaps when they’re older you can celebrate their birthday together by ordering some mojitos delivered by the “Drinks Away Service” cargo bike. Whatever path you take, whether it be ordering a bite to eat delivered by cargo bike, buying a newspaper from a mobile newsagent or if the mood strikes you, organizing races with fully loaded bikes and becoming the hero of the day.

Man pushes overloaded bicycle, Guangzhou, China
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

As cycling ‘Guru’ Mikael Colville-Andersen from famous Copenhagenize.com blog explains, “this is our 4×4!” It may be the last thing you would want to be spotted on if you are a hipster, but these bikes, fitted with all sorts of nifty gimmicks and embellishments, advertising space and DIY widgets, are becoming increasingly widely used, for carting about people and all sorts of goods and objects. There is nothing to it, just load up everything you need to lug somewhere and transport it safely and comfortably from A to B.

Germany Has Set The Bar

From massive growth in solar power to some impressively organized car-sharing schemes, Germany is doing many things right when it comes to building a low carbon future. Duly noted, the fact is that they take investment into cycling seriously.

Bicycle messenger with cargo bike speeding for delivery
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Besides spending 80 million Euros annually on bike infrastructure, ABC news reports that the German government is putting their weight behind a cargo bike renaissance as well. Transport ministry spokeswoman, Birgitta Worringen, says more than three-quarters of all journeys in Germany are less than 10 kilometers apart and cargo bikes can deliver all sorts of uses and claims “It’s a good means of transport which doesn’t make any noise or pollution”.