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The Man Behind Copenhagenization

There’s someone out there making space for bikes, making it easier to commute by bike and thinking up ways of making it all safer, but who is he? Allow us to introduce Mikael Colville-Andersen.

Mikael is the man behind the copenhagenize.eu website. However, as he himself explains, he is not some sort of eco-warrior, “Environmentalism is the biggest marketing bubble in the history of mankind. They say: Start saving the planet now! I couldn’t give a monkey’s about that. Cycling is not about saving the planet, it’s just the fastest way of getting from A to B!”

We interviewed Mikael during our stay in Copenhagen and found his thoughts more than interesting. In fact, it would have been a shame to edit this interview, so please feel free to watch all of it uncut and let us know your opinion about Copenhagenization!