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  • preparing-for-letape-starts-now-how-to-train

    Preparing for L’Étape Starts Now: How to Train

    If you are among the those who secured a bib for next year’s L’Étape du Tour de France in France, the time for celebrations is over. It’s time to start your preparations for the event. Finishing L’Étape is not easy; this year, the route will…

  • what-does-the-new-garmin-endurance-score-feature-tell-you

    What Does the New Garmin Endurance Score Feature Tell You?

    Garmin introduced the Endurance Score metric to provide a comprehensive insight into athletes’ capacity to maintain performance levels over long durations. This article delves into what this metric is, how it’s calculated, and how it differs from the well-known VO2 Max metric.

  • will-ashwagandha-level-up-your-cycling-performance

    Will Ashwagandha Level Up Your Cycling Performance?

    Ashwagandha is a supplement used in traditional Indian medicine that’s been rising in popularity around the world. Some studies are linking it to improved strength and endurance performance. Could it be the next thing for cyclists? Let’s take a closer look at the science.

  • how-does-garmin-measure-your-heat-altitude-acclimation

    How Does Garmin Measure Your Heat & Altitude Acclimation?

    Are you planning a cycling holiday somewhere warm and mountainous? Cycling in harsh conditions like high altitude and heat feels a lot harder at first. Your Garmin can help you understand how quickly your body adapts to these environmental factors. Let’s review how to read…

  • can-your-garmin-accurately-measure-your-vo2-max

    Can Your Garmin Accurately Measure Your VO2 Max?

    Getting your VO2 max measured requires expensive laboratory equipment and it’s not really cheap or convenient to do it often. Garmin promises to estimate your VO2 max just by having you wear a watch while exercising. How accurate are Garmin devices when it comes to…

  • cycling-economy-what-is-it

    Cycling Economy – What is It?

    What if you could push more watts with less exertion? And what if it didn’t require improving your functional threshold of power or doing more VO2max sessions? It is possible and it’s called cycling economy. Let’s explore what it means and how you can improve…