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  • so-you-need-a-triathlon-bike

    So, You Need a Triathlon Bike

    There are bicycles for every form of competition, from road sprints to climbs, and from XC to downhill. And then there are triathlon bikes. For those who still don’t know, a triathlon consists of a swim, a foot race and a bike leg, all on…

  • what-it-takes-to-survive-a-triathlon

    What It Takes to Survive a Triathlon

    Professional cross triathlete Pavlina Vargova (20) from the Czech Republic is heading to Hawaii to take part in the World Championships in the XTERRA (Triathlon) race, which includes swimming, mountain biking, and trail running. The former swimmer turned into a triathlete after finding swimming too…

  • get-ready-triathlon-cyclist-running

    How to Get Ready for Triathlon as a Cyclist: Running

    Running is the last leg of every triathlon race; it’s where everything is decided. But running in a triathlon race is a bit different. You start the run already fatigued, every imperfection in your technique will slow you down that much more, every insignificant pain…

  • get-ready-triathlon-cyclist-swimming

    How to Get Ready for Triathlon as a Cyclist: Swimming

    Now that you’ve made the decision to challenge yourself with triathlon, it’s time to set up a training plan. Swimming is the first part of every triathlon, and the most technically demanding one. It requires coordination, mental toughness and overall fitness. Even though it is…

  • reasons-to-try-triathlon-as-a-cyclist

    11 Reasons to Try Triathlon as a Cyclist

    We often do sports to look good naked, to eat whatever we want, or to show off our finisher medal. While those might not sound like very wise reasons, they are legitimate! And with triathlon, you can push them to the next level. How would…

  • interview-like-experience-extreme-triathlon

    Interview: What Is It Like to Experience an Extreme Triathlon?

    Several months ago, Martin Gabla won a contest for the starting fee reimbursement at Livigno ICON Extreme Triathlon, and at the beginning of September he did appear at the starting line. He tried to stack up to international competition and conquer 3.8 km of swimming, 200…