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  • how-to-fight-heat-while-on-the-bike

    How to Fight Heat While on the Bike

    Heat can’t stop us from cycling as long as we are aware of these five important steps preventing dehydration and overheating. Take it from the positive side: for many of us, cycling in hot weather is still way more preferable to cycling in rain, especially…

  • 10-ideas-to-get-the-family-cycling-more-this-summer

    10 Ideas to Get the Family Cycling More This Summer

    There are so many reasons why cycling is the perfect family activity! From being accessible for riders of all ages to bringing out the kid in all of us — cycling encourages adventure, exploration, and is an ideal way to create lasting memories together. The…

  • 7-tips-to-beat-the-heat-this-summer

    7 Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

    Summer is the peak of road racing season. With the Grand Tours providing plenty of inspiration, even recreational cyclists and fitness enthusiasts are tempted to push themselves harder and farther during the warmer months. Although no one is complaining about the rise in temperature after…