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  • summer-is-my-winter

    Opinion: Why Summer Is My Winter

    Most cyclists can’t wait for summer to arrive. It’s the season to forget about riding in cold weather and enjoy balmy temperatures wearing a simple short-sleeved jersey and shorts. More daylight hours and a holiday break from work mean you’ve got more time to ride,…

  • cycling-in-heat-how-to-recover-quickly-after

    Cycling in Heat – How to Recover Quickly After

    Recovering after cycling in the heat is a bit different. You can feel overheated for hours after your ride if you don’t handle it well. Let’s look at how hydration and cooling tactics can keep you safe and ready to ride again in the heat…

  • cycling-in-heat-how-to-acclimatize

    Cycling in Heat – How to Acclimatize

    Acclimatization is the process by which your body adapts to heat exposure over time, making you more efficient and comfortable when cycling in hot conditions. Let’s take a look at how long it takes to acclimatise and how to do it right.

  • cycling-in-heat-what-to-do-pre-ride

    Cycling in Heat – What to Do Pre-Ride

    Cycling in hot weather poses unique challenges. It accelerates dehydration, heat stress, increases the chance of gastrointestinal problems, and impairs recovery. A good understanding of how heat impacts your body and taking the right steps to prepare for it is crucial. Let’s take a look…

  • 5-tips-on-going-to-the-beach-with-your-bike

    5 Tips on Going to the Beach with Your Bike

    The scorching heat of summer is finally settling in across Europe, and it’s time to head out to a place where we can survive the hot weather. And is there a better place than the beach, accompanied by a favourite beverage and the sea to…

  • keep-cool-in-the-summer-heat

    Keep Cool in the Summer Heat 

    You don’t need me to tell you it’s hot outside. If the thermometer isn’t proof enough, how about those sweat marks on your everyday clothes? The beating sun can make riding tough, especially when you recall the freezing days of winter when you were praying…

  • dont-make-these-six-summer-riding-mistakes

    Don’t Make These Six Summer Riding Mistakes!

    The summer is here, and the weather is sweet. Ok, technically, we still have a few weeks left of ‘spring.’ Still, many places are already experiencing scorching temperatures, and the joy that is pedalling into a warm, gentle breeze has officially been unlocked. This time…