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  • how-much-more-sleep-do-you-need-as-an-athlete

    How Much More Sleep Do You Need As an Athlete?

    Are you getting at least the minimum recommended 7 hours of sleep per night? Yeah, it’s hard enough to consistently hit that. But what if you actually need even more as a regular cyclist? Let’s take a closer look at a new study that explored…

  • how-you-feel-about-your-last-night-of-sleep-matters

    How You Feel About Your Last Night of Sleep Matters

    What if you wake up feel good but your smart watch reports poor sleep quality? Should you trust your feeling or the sleep data? Researchers from the University of Warwick decided to find out and it turns out that your perception is quite important.

  • can-you-catch-up-on-lost-sleep-during-the-weekend

    Can You Catch Up on Lost Sleep During the Weekend?

    Getting enough sleep during the workweek can be hard which is why many people try to sleep in on the weekends to catch up. Do those longer weekend snoozes help neutralise the negative effects of poor workday sleep? Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University set…

  • can-regular-cycling-counteract-your-bad-sleep

    Can Regular Cycling Counteract Your Bad Sleep?

    Sleep and exercise are both crucial for overall health but a new study suggests that exercise may help counteract the health consequences of poor sleep. This article delves into the research on the interplay between exercise and sleep.

  • good-sleep-helps-you-stick-to-exercise-and-diet-goals

    Good Sleep Helps You Stick to Exercise and Diet Goals

    People who consistently get good sleep tend to stick to their exercise and diet plans better while trying to lose weight, says preliminary research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology, Prevention, Lifestyle & Cardiometabolic Health Scientific Sessions 2023.

  • how-to-tell-when-youre-rested

    How To Tell When You’re Rested

    In today’s world of fitness trackers and wattmeters, it might seem easy to tell when you can keep pushing and when you should rest. Unfortunately, technology and data are only half the story. You might hit your watt numbers and follow the recovery advice from…