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  • 5-tips-to-reduce-saddle-pain-while-cycling-indoors

    5 Tips to Reduce Saddle Pain While Cycling Indoors

    Anyone who just got into cycling knows that it can hurt quite a bit to sit on a hard saddle for hours. But indoor cycling can present some challenges even for seasoned cyclists. Let’s look at a few strategies to help you avoid a sore…

  • how-to-shield-your-bum-from-cycling-related-pain

    How to Shield Your Bum from (Cycling-Related) Pain

    No matter how many friends you have, this is the topic you’re most likely to share with none of them. Call it a bum or buttocks, most people use it for various purposes while cyclists usually for sitting in the saddle. This activity, if not…

  • how-to-prevent-saddle-sores-while-cycling

    How to Prevent Saddle Sores While Cycling

    The endless pleasure cycling gives us sometimes comes at a price. Payback comes in the form of muscles on fire, painfully stiff lower backs, necks and shoulders, or fingers gone numb from clenching the bars. Last but not least, sometime our tail can be as…