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  • is-urban-downhill-the-new-thrill-youve-been-looking-for

    Is Urban Downhill the New Thrill You’ve Been Looking For?

    While mountains around the world can undoubtedly provide enough excitement to last you a lifetime, they are not always as close as they seem. On this note, you can’t just grab your bike and go for a quick ride. That’s where Urban Downhill comes into…

  • the-nigerian-bmx-craze

    The Nigerian BMX Craze

    BMX Bandits was an Australian movie that showed teenagers tearing about Sydney on their bikes while Nicole Kidman launched her film career. You can see why it made an impression on a young boy. And the idea that you can achieve anything on a BMX…

  • catching-breath-photo-diary

    Catching Breath: The Photo Diary

    Our amazing Himalayan adventure is over but the memories will linger on long after all the mountain dust has been washed off both us and the riders. You could follow The Catching Breath project for months while we slowly revealed the pieces all the way…

  • red-bull-fox-hunt-let-chase-begin

    Red Bull Fox Hunt: Let the Chase Begin!

    Get prepared for all the elements that are supposed to be involved in a traditional fox hunt – red uniforms, a wild ride, excitement trembling in the air, a spectacular chase, hunters, and the characteristic humidity of a mid-October weather. Only one crucial detail is…