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Tag: Nutrition for Women

  • nutrition-women-hydrate-well

    Nutrition for Women – How to Hydrate Well

    Optimal hydration is an essential piece of the performance puzzle. It’s hard enough for anyone to figure out how much to drink, when, and what kinds of fluids. Add hormonal changes that female athletes have to deal with, and it gets even trickier. Let’s look…

  • nutrition-women-fuel-ride

    Nutrition for Women – How to Fuel Your Ride

    There’s a lot of fuelling advice for endurance on the internet. The problem is the vast majority is only valid for men. Women have a different body composition and do not handle carbs and fats the same way. If they follow advice tailored to men,…

  • nutrition-women-hormones-make-difference

    Nutrition for Women – Hormones Make All the Difference

    When it comes to nutrition, there are several major differences between women and men. They are driven by the normal, monthly hormone fluctuations in a woman’s body and it’s crucial to understand them. Most of the sports science and nutritional advice online is based on…