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  • innovative-textile-opens-vents-when-you-sweat

    Innovative Textile Opens Vents When You Sweat

    Scientists from Duke University came up with a new material that will keep you dry and warm when exercising. Future jerseys made from this material would regulate your temperature by automatically opening micro-vents when you sweat and closing them when you’re dry. This could change…

  • new-study-ranks-foods-best-to-worst

    New Study Ranks Foods Best to Worst

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just look up a list of foods that would tell you how healthy something is? Researchers from Tufts University did just that in their new paper! They developed a new tool called Food Compass to help consumers, restaurants,…

  • your-metabolism-slows-down-much-later-than-you-think

    Your Metabolism Slows Down Much Later Than You Think

    “I started gaining weight no matter what I ate after turning 30 years old!” You hear this often. Some people blame it on their 30s others on their 40s or 50s. And it’s always the slowing metabolism that gets the blame. A new study shows…