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  • e-bikepacking-a-new-approach-to-wilderness

    E-Bikepacking: A New Approach to Wilderness

    From time to time, I sometimes feel suffocated with digital rubbish up to the point when I can’t breathe anymore. At that moment, I power down all electronic devices, lock them into the desk, hang the bags on my bike and get out where I…

  • inside-the-red-bull-holy-bike-race-with-350-riders

    Inside the Red Bull Holy Bike Race with 350+ Riders

    Besides the Megavalanche in France, there are a couple of MTB races sharing a similar concept. With a mass start and kamikaze downhill, the Red Bull Holy Bike race in Spain also addresses hundreds of riders willing to take chances against each other. Richard Gasperotti…

  • big-bubba-keeps-riding-despite-the-incredible-pain

    Big Bubba Keeps Riding Despite the Incredible Pain

    Even though he’s only 135 cm tall, Jakub Ouvin from the Czech Republic is considered a big man by his cycling friends. Despite struggling with pain caused by his height disadvantage and a poor selection of bicycles for his size, “Big Bubba” never even considered…

  • is-it-a-bike-say-hello-to-the-first-balance-e-bike-for-kids

    Is it a Bike? Say Hello to the First Balance E-Bike for Kids!

    We Love Cycling contributor Richard Gasperotti is a professional biker who loves to spend as much time as humanly possible with his 6-year-old daughter Eleanora. This summer, he arranged a special surprise for her with a new bicycle. Actually, it’s neither a bicycle nor a…