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  • do-you-know-these-prominent-bicycle-advocates

    Do You Know These Prominent Bicycle Advocates?

    With the World Bicycle Day just behind us, we had an opportunity to remember Professor Leszek Sibilski from the United States who led a campaign for a day dedicated to cycling and succeeded when the UN adopted a Resolution declaring June 3rd as the day…

  • the-cycling-world-of-chic

    The Cycling World of Chic

    In much of the world, cycling is synonymous with Lycra-clad roadies and technical-wear mountain bikers. But there’s always been a more urbane side to the way cyclists dress – so let’s take a look at how social media is revolutionising what we wear when we…

  • cities-opening-up-to-everybody

    The Cities Are Opening Up to Everybody

    Biking in most European cities involves many things that can make you fly off the handle(bars): fuming lorries, peevish drivers, traffic jams, roadways intersecting cycle paths in an unfortunate way, tricky rails, cobblestones, rough kerbs, infinite rows of traffic lights, lack of space to park…