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  • low-carb-vs-low-fat-which-is-healthier

    Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat: Which Is Healthier?

    Every January, there’s a big fuss about finding the best diet. Two long-time contenders, low-carb and low-fat, are always in the conversation. Which one is healthier and which one is better for weight loss? A new study set out to answer that question.

  • low-carb-explained-in-60-seconds

    Low Carb – Explained in 60 Seconds

    You understand the basic principles of low carb and how to shop for it from previous articles. That’s a great first step. Now, before you enter the real world, you should know how to do things low-carb if you decide to eat out and how…

  • low-carb-how-to-shop-for-it

    Low Carb – How to Shop for It

    The most important thing with any new diet is to make a good shopping list. It’s only when you bring home foods that are low-carb and good for you that you can start making a real change. Let’s check out a sample shopping list for…

  • low-carb-how-to-do-it-right

    Low Carb – How to Do It Right

    Do you look up recipes for low-carb pizza, stack your pantry with low-carb cookies, and binge on nut butters a bit too often? You are probably doing it wrong! Low carb can help you lose weight and perhaps even improve health but only if you…

  • low-carb-advice-from-a-nutritionist-with-a-quiz

    Low Carb: Advice from a Nutritionist with a QUIZ

    Low-carb diets are rising in popularity and it’s probably because of their ability to help with weight loss. But as with any dietary approach it can be done right or wrong. Let’s look at the basics of low carb so that you can use it…