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  • andy-schleck-how-to-help-your-kid-become-a-pro-cyclist

    Andy Schleck: How to Help Your Kid Become a Pro Cyclist

    Do you want to know how the Tour de France winner Andy Schleck inspires his kids to enjoy sports? We talked to him about the topic of introducing kids to professional sports and what he has to say about the role of a parent in…

  • christmas-research-what-makes-sports-fun-for-kids

    Christmas Research – What Makes Sports Fun for Kids

    Do girls like sports for different reasons then boys? Is it more important to “try your best” or “to win” when it comes to motivation for kids? A new study looks at what makes sports fun for kids and it turns out we might all…

  • side-wheels-off-time-talk-bike-safety

    Side Wheels Off! It’s Time to Talk Bike Safety

    With the recent Olympic games taking place in Rio, we decided to pick up on the energy of this momentous athletic event and find a way to get the kids involved. Going offline in Slovakia, we hosted an exciting day focused on bike education and…