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Tag: How to Avoid Detraining

  • how-to-avoid-detraining-restart-your-training-right

    How to Avoid Detraining – Restart Your Training Right

    It’s not always possible to avoid detraining completely, so you should know how to safely jump back into cycling when your fitness levels are lower than usual. Let’s take a look at a few important things to speed up your journey getting back in shape…

  • how-to-avoid-detraining-maintain-endurance

    How to Avoid Detraining – Maintain Endurance

    Maintaining endurance training adaptations is key for most cyclists. Thankfully, you can do that with very minimal effort even when your regular training routine is disrupted. Fitness is just like momentum on the bicycle, it takes a lot to build it up but much less…

  • how-to-avoid-detraining-what-is-detraining

    How to Avoid Detraining – What Is Detraining?

    It’s possible that you have never heard of detraining but it’s almost certain you experienced it. It’s the opposite of training. Anytime you took a break from riding over the holidays, during winter or a pandemic, your body started losing endurance, strength, speed, and power.…