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Tag: History of the Tour de France

  • when-a-child-saved-the-day-for-jens-voigt-at-the-tour

    When a Child Saved the Day for Jens Voigt at the Tour

    The Tour de France is, without a doubt, the most thrilling sports event in the world. No other race has so much drama, so many adrenaline-pumping moments as this race does. Tears of joy, heartaches, celebrations, and drama always come hand in hand when hundreds…

  • the-story-of-indurain-and-riis-at-the-1996-tour-de-france

    The Story of Indurain and Riis at the 1996 Tour de France

    Coming into the 1996 Tour, Miguel “Big Mig” Indurain was the favourite. He’d won his fifth Tour the year before and wanted to be the first person ever to win this Grand Tour six times. Bjarne Riis was one of the few daring challengers. His…

  • the-origin-story-of-the-tour-de-france

    The Origin Story of the Tour de France

    The first Tour de France took place over 100 years ago, back in 1903. Do you know why the race was held and who had the idea for cyclists to go around the whole of France?