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  • 7-tips-for-dating-a-non-cyclist

    7 Tips for Dating a Non-Cyclist

    Love works in mysterious ways. One day, you are riding your bike down a trail, jumping around and having the time of your life, and the next moment, you are sitting in a downtown cafe with the most amazing person in the world who has…

  • 5-of-cyclings-classic-rivalries

    5 of Cycling’s Classic Rivalries

    Emotional, dynamic, and undeniably a driving force for some of the best athletic performances ever recorded, rivalries are a big part of what makes sports so exciting for fans and athletes alike. Born from a desire to out-perform another great talent, the best rivalries constitute…

  • why-cant-the-french-win-the-tour-de-france

    Why Can’t the French Win the Tour de France?

    If you ask almost anyone in the world to name three things they know about France, they would probably list wine, Paris and the Tour de France. Not only is the Tour the world’s most prestigious bicycle road race, but it is also the country’s…

  • france-shoots-proposal-make-mechanical-doping-illegal

    France Shoots Down Proposal to Make Mechanical Doping Illegal

    You might have already encountered rumours that French government isn’t planning on cracking down on mechanical cheaters any time soon. Politician Mark Le Fur made a proposal that suggested sanctions of up to a year in prison for perpetrators plus a fine of €3,750 for…

  • 10-great-cycling-quotes-to-inspire-you-in-2016

    10 Great Cycling Quotes to Inspire You

    We all know life is not always an easy ride along a beautiful cycling path. Sometimes it is just like a bicycle wheel spinning around on the ups and downs of a muddy trail (wait a moment. Actually, this is my idea of fun). What…