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  • equipment-changes-for-the-2021-worldtour

    Equipment Changes for the 2021 WorldTour

    Every few years when contracts end, the cycling WorldTour experiences a veritable merry-go-round of equipment sponsorship changes driven by a number of motives such as money (of course), product innovation and changes in team ownership.

  • bike-shortages-may-last-until-2022

    Bike Shortages May Last Until 2022

    Someone you love very much needs a new bike (it might even be you) and he or she is a cycling fanatic. So, of course, you want to get them a brand-new Trek Domane AL 5 or (for your MTB partner) a Giant Talon 2021.…

  • diagnosis-mod-mania

    Diagnosis: Mod Mania

    You’ve got the four bikes of your dreams, and your loved one will divorce you if he/she thinks you’re even considering buying another bike. There’s only one thing you can do – mod what you got.