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  • does-cycling-make-you-eat-more-throughout-the-day

    Does Cycling Make You Eat More Throughout the Day?

    Physical activity should help you lose weight and maintain it, right? A new study suggests that exercise might not have the desired impact on your eating habits. Researchers from Technical University of Munich and the University of Nebraska investigated how people behave around food after…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-3

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 3

    You need about 21 days to develop a habit so by the third week, your training plan will start feeling like a normal part of your life. That’s good because from now on, you will start implementing some faster rides and cross-training too.

  • a-new-paradigm-in-cycling-nutrition-benefits-and-drawbacks

    A New Paradigm in Cycling Nutrition – Benefits and Drawbacks

    The “Fuel for the work required” model is looking at sports nutrition from a new angle. What benefits can this approach produce? Why does it make sense to stop focusing on glycogen stores’ super-compensation and start periodising carbohydrate intake? Let’s take a closer look.

  • 4-ways-lifestyle-can-increase-your-testosterone

    4 Ways Lifestyle Can Increase Your Testosterone

    Testosterone is not just something that makes men do crazy and risky stuff. It’s a hormone both men and women need to stay healthy and feel good. Your body is pretty good at maintaining healthy levels of testosterone if you do a few things right.…