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  • the-10-donts-of-e-mountain-biking

    The 10 Don’ts of E-Mountain Biking

    E-mountain bikes (E-MTB) are becoming more and more popular among avid downhill riders, enduro enthusiasts and even cross-country fans. And that’s anything but a shocker. You can’t really blame a person wishing to speed down a slope that even mountain goats find a bit reckless…

  • stefan-schlie-new-horizons-of-electrified-mountain-biking

    Stefan Schlie: New Horizons of Electrified Mountain Biking

    After a long and fortunate trial-biking career, Stefan Schlie became one of the first professional riders using an e-bike on a daily basis. As a Bosch ambassador, he is now one of the most acclaimed pioneers of the e-MTB world. Should e-bikers share the same…