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  • confessions-of-a-cycling-kit-addict

    Confessions of a Cycling Kit Addict

    I’m ready to accept the facts and confess something to my family and the cycling community. They say the first step is admitting it to yourself. I’m doing it here. It’s difficult to open yourself to criticism. But the physical evidence is undeniable. I’m a…

  • 7-tips-for-spending-your-cycling-budget-wisely

    7 Tips for Spending Your Cycling Budget Wisely

    The struggle of balancing a bike budget is real. The many memes and references to hiding bike-related purchases from a spouse or partner are testament to the fact that spending on this sport can add up quickly. Throw in the pressure some of us feel…

  • top-womens-bike-saddles

    Top Women’s Bike Saddles

    Ah, the love-hate relationship we have with our saddles. Especially when starting out, the saddle can be one of the biggest sources of discomfort and is what turns a lot of people off of cycling long distances (or cycling altogether!). For women in particular, the…