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  • confessions-of-a-cycling-kit-addict

    Confessions of a Cycling Kit Addict

    I’m ready to accept the facts and confess something to my family and the cycling community. They say the first step is admitting it to yourself. I’m doing it here. It’s difficult to open yourself to criticism. But the physical evidence is undeniable. I’m a…

  • how-should-my-cycling-clothes-fit

    How Should My Cycling Clothes Fit?

    Have you ever asked yourself just how cycling clothes are supposed to fit? Whether buying online or from your local shop, kits vary based on brand, size, gender and fabric. With so many options, what do you need to know? Let’s find out what to…

  • do-we-really-need-cycle-specific-clothing

    Do We Really Need Cycle-Specific Clothing?

    I’ve reached that stage in life where I put on my bib tights, look in the full-length bedroom mirror, and instead of a Froome-like physique staring back at me, it’s a pregnant frog in a Rapha jacket. It’s time I grew up. What’s the worst…